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  • Added DVBC support
  • Added blind scan of cable channels (modulation and symbol rate no need to know)
  • Improved usb stick reports, using as Proof of Performance after installation service finish
  • Added 250-900 MHz spectrum span for cable channel plan
  • Added cable section in xml settings file
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Default tv/cable/sat database fresh updates


* Default tv/sat database fresh updates
* adjust sleep to 5 minutes
* improvements


Fixed some bugs
Updated frequency databases


    Fixed some bugs
    Updated frequency databases

    fixed SR


    Fixed working with transponders with a SR of 45000

    beep level optimize for 1.5W SPK

    Fixed some bugs


    1. RCU wake up from sleep mode
    2. fixed removed limitations of embedded TP editor,user is free to add many same transponders


    - more stabilization
    - Cross-polarization feature added
    Its important thing for separation  V Signals for H
    It means that C/N is limited by CrossPol
    Real crosspol level is about 20dB
    Sometimes is up to 23..24
    - wifi enabled
    - Newcamd support
    - Biss support
    - tracing to usb added
    - other hidden features
    - SR bug fixed

    Sat List XML for MENA:

    1000combo satlist 13/11/2019

    old: 1000combo satlist 18/05/2018

    1000S+ satlist

    1000s+ UHF

    User Guide ENG:


    English manual for Dr.HD1000S+. For sw version 1.27

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